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Your camping holidays in Pays de la Loire

Make the most of your holidays at the Yelloh! Village Parc de Montsabert by having a look around the Loire region. With your family or friends, come and enjoy the delightful features in the area around it too! Zoos, amusement parks such as the Puy du Fou and Terra Botanica, the unmissable Loire chateaux, the famous museums, the troglodyte locations etc. Something to keep all your family members happy!

Stroll around the historic centre of Angers, witness the impressive heritage of Saumur, experience buzzing Nantes and plenty more! So many places that you'll find simply breathtaking! There's just so much to discover during your camping holiday!

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Terra Botanica
Terra Botanica Park
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Camping Puy dy Fou
Puy du Fou
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Zoo de doué la fontaine
Doué la Fontaine Zoo
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Camping Angers
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Camping Brissac
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Camping Coutures
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Camping Saumur